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Membership News - What You Need to Know for Thursday, MARCH 21 Meeting


Thursday, March 21 Meeting

From our Program Chair, Cristina Miranda

AOS award winning Catasetum grower and TBOS member, Corinne Arnold,

will present: Catasetum, How to Grow and Take Care of Them 

Corinne has been a long time TBOS member. She has 52 American Orchid Society awards to her credit. The majority are Catasetinae. Catasetum belong to a group of orchids known as Catasetinae collectively - Cycnoches, Catasetums, Mormodes, and Clowesia, species and hybrids. Pictured here: Fredclarkeara Doubtless 'Paul's Sweetheart' FCC/AOS (90 points)

(Fredclarkeara No Doubt x Catasetum Orchidglade) Photographer: Wes Newton

With Spring right around the corner, we're preparing to repot our beautiful orchids. That includes our Catasetum, a very interesting genus in the orchid family that requires different cultivation and care from other species unlike Cattleyas. Corinne will teach us how to repot and care for these unique plants, ensuring your Catasetum not only survive, but how they can thrive as they grow into strong flowering plants. 

American Orchid Society Catasetinae Growing Guides



From our 2024 Show Chair, Fran Roberts

Our annual show has finally come to an end, and we can all enjoy a bit of rest.  I can tell you that it was a resounding success!! All three days ran very smoothly without any huge issues. We had close to 300 plants in the show, with approximately 250 plants entered for ribbon judging. The ribbon judging teams gave out 175 blue/red/white ribbons. In fact, we almost ran out of blue ribbons (we have 2 left). At AOS judging, we had 44 nominations with 24 AOS awards. Congratulations to all of the awardees.  

Our wonderful public, fantastic vendors, and awesome volunteer team is what made this such a success. Response from all three groups have been very positive. 

Our grand prize drawing winner was Gregg Jorissen from Tampa. In fact, he lives right around the corner from the venue. He and his wife were to say the least, very excited to have won the beautiful arrangement from Art Stone Orchids. 

It was a beautiful show!! I thank everyone that volunteered their time.

Enjoy your rest, but not to long, we need to think about next year's show. Who's in?


We encourage ALL NEW members who signed up at the show to come to the March 21st meeting. THIS WEEK!

If you are on Facebook but didn't have a chance to go to the show, our Facebook group has two separate YouTube videos taken by different people on different days. Scroll through the group feed to view them.

There are numerous other photos of show exhibits and individual entries.

This year we had additional coverage for our Spanish speaking friends. Sofia Lopez from CENTRO Tampa interviewed member and TBOS Treasurer, Julio Hector, to help promote our show. Centro Tampa is a weekly Spanish-language tabloid published in Tampa, Florida, by Times Publishing Company. It is the largest Spanish-language newspaper in Tampa Bay with a circulation of more than 50,000. Photos by Martie Turner.



From Our Display Chair, Heather Gramling

Tampa Bay Orchid Society participated in the Florida State Fair this February.  Society members designed and installed a lovely display focused on the care and culture of Phalaenopsis.


Society members were present to discuss orchids.  They also spoke with the public about our society, upcoming show and auction. This year's fair also featured members presenting repotting and culture demonstrations.  

Thank you to everyone who represented TBOS at the 2024 Florida State Fair.


Put your pennies in the piggy bank. Crack it open in June. We are sure to have some amazing orchids to bid on at the TBOS Auction. Tell your friends about this event.

If you are on Facebook, please share our Event.

There is also a .jpeg image file that you can attach to your photo stream or email messages. It can be found in the files section on our FB group. Sort by Last Modified.

Help us get the word out to bring in a fabulous turnout of bidders for this major fundraising event.


Don't forget to sign on to the website and view the February Meeting Minutes so a motion to approve can be taken at the meeting.



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