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Thank you to everyone that attended our 2023 Orchid Show and sale.

Thank you for supporting our society and Ad Partner Vendors.

If you liked our show, let us know!
If there is something we could have done better, let us know!

Send your comments to 

You all are invited to our next monthly meeting, Thursday, April 20!

Candy Cotton

02/26 - Section Front Page - Banner Ad will appear

in South and East County Zip Codes

4 columns x 1.5 inches

Download the above PDF to register your entries for our orchid show.

Please add (write in) your email address in the top margin. Bring your registration page with your plants to the venue on Friday, March 03. Starting at 10:00 a.m.

Look for our 2023 Orchid Show

Newspaper and Facebook Advertising Appearing in north, west, south and east Hillsborough County zip codes. 

19 February - 26 February

2 column x 3 inches display ad

will appear full readership 02/19 and 02/26

and Facebook Boosts

For our Orchid Show

Ribbon Judging Teams - Open the above PDF to review Ribbon Clerking Procedures. 

Advertorial will appear 02/26 FRONT Section Page

4 columns x 8.5 inches

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