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Orchid Care and Maintenance

We are looking for dedicated TBOS member volunteers that will be able to assist with the ongoing care of the orchid collection at Eureka Springs Conservation Park.

Contact Sonia Evans to volunteer.

About the Park

The Eureka Springs Conservation Park was first established in 1938 by botanist and traveler Albert Greenburg as a botanical garden of rare and unusual tropical plants. He also created the first Florida tropical fish farm springs that were near his botanical gardens. In 1967, Greenburg donated his prized site to Hillsborough County, making Eureka Springs Park the only botanical garden in the park system.

Lovers of horticulture will savor the 31-acre natural beauty, especially the largest publicly owned collection of ferns in Florida. Nature connoisseurs can gaze at the park’s rose garden and orchid room, as well as stroll along walking trails and the boardwalks that wind through a lush floodplain forest of maples, cypresses, and tupelo.

The park also features a greenhouse, picnic tables and shelters, a reservable Eureka Springs party pavilion, and interpretive trails.


American Orchid Society
Education Grant Application

We are seeking an American Orchid Society Education Grant to assist with the care of the park's orchid collection. Deadline for grant application is February 09, 2023.


Park Hours

Anyone up for a field trip?


Workshops - Orchids 101


With the grant we would be able to hold quarterly, fee free workshops, in the rented covered pavilion. Capacity is forty persons.

Among other things, we could demonstrate potting, mounting and general orchid identification.

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