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Bloom Table - Show and Tell


Each month we invite members to bring in their blooming orchids to display on our Bloom Table.  We are very fortunate to have, among our membership, several American Orchid Society judges.  Our judges review the Bloom Table and offer insight into the culture of good growing.  Our Bloom Table is Chaired by Nancy Losgar. Scroll down the page for more monthly views.


Voted on by our members, a Member's Choice ribbon is awarded to the most beautifully grown plant and a Novice award is given to a new grower that chooses to exhibit their orchids for the first time. 


To encourage member participation, it is requested that when you fill out your Member's Choice or Novice award ballots that you include your name on the back of the ballot.  If your favorite orchid is voted the best, you will have a chance to win an orchid too!


Many thanks to our BLOOM TABLE Committee volunteers! 

Bring Us Your Bloomers!
Print out the PDF above!
Prepare ahead fill-in format bloom tags.

January 2023 Member Plants

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